How to Draw Heads!

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Have you tried every method of drawing heads and are still frustrated by the results?

When all else fails, try the box method!

I'll show you the benefits of using a basic box to create a scaffold for the main components of the human head. This method works for any art style, from realistic to stylized. It will forever more simplify what is essentially one of the most complex forms of all.

I also show you how to understand and take advantage of my FREE Skull-In-A-Box online reference tool. I promise you that a one-hour investment into learning a few easy-to-remember principles will pay off as you grow as an artist.

You get:

  • A one-hour lesson
  • Easy and practical exercises you can try right away
  • A demo that shows you why tracing is an important part of learning
  • Training on how to best use the free Skull-In-A-Box tool
  • A FREE 3D model file of Skull-In-A-Box you can import into Clip Studio Paint, Blender or other 3D app to use as reference
  • Watch me work out a variety of faces and characters from the same basic box structure
  • A demo of how the box method maps to real photos of people
  • Confidence that drawing heads doesn’t have to be super technical. It’s not rocket science, you can do it!

For Clip Studio Paint Users:

An .FBX 3D model file of Skull-In-A-Box is included in the purchase. You can import this into your .CSP document and transform it as needed. Instructions are included after the workshop has been purchased. Enjoy!

I want this!

A one-hour workshop that will change the way you draw heads!

Skill level
Beginner to Advanced
Software required
Inventive drawing
Skill categories
Storyboarding, Character design, Graphic novel illustration, Concept art
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How to Draw Heads!

8 ratings
I want this!